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ATTENTION! Karty bezpečnostných údajov31 May 2018 is the final deadline for substances in range of 1 - 100 tonnes per year. Remaining time:

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RAC recommends an occupational exposure limit for benzene

At its March meeting, the Committee for Risk Assessment (RAC) also recommended occupational exposure limits (OELs) for two other substances: nickel and its compounds and acrylonitrile. These opinions conclude the response to the European Commission, which for the first time asked RAC to assess the scientific basis for setting OELs.

Tobacco products, electronic cigarette and herbal product for smoking

We offer preparation of all documents required for registration of a tobacco products, electronic cigarette and herbal products for smoking and place on the market:

•    Create an account ECAS submission identification number (ID) by the EU-CEG
•    Fill in the registration form for the ingredient of product by use the TPD XML creator tool and create documentation for the ingredient(s) - XML document
•    Fill in the registration form for the product by use the TPD XML creator tool and create documentation for the product(s) - XML document
•    Safety Data Sheet (SDS)PDF document
•    Text part of the labelPDF document

If you have questions please contact us by phone +421 2 45943712 or by e-mail at ekotox(at)ekotox.sk

Manufacturer and importer placed on the market tobacco products, electronic cigarettes and related products has to fulfill requirements under DIRECTIVE 2014/40/EU OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 3 April 2014 on the approximation of the laws, regulations and administrative provisions of the Member States concerning the manufacture, presentation and sale of tobacco and related products and repealing Directive 2001/37/EC.

Manufacturer and importer have to fulfill the following requirements:


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