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RAC recommends an occupational exposure limit for benzene

At its March meeting, the Committee for Risk Assessment (RAC) also recommended occupational exposure limits (OELs) for two other substances: nickel and its compounds and acrylonitrile. These opinions conclude the response to the European Commission, which for the first time asked RAC to assess the scientific basis for setting OELs.

Tobacco products - prohibited additives and basic terms

Prohibited additives (CHAPTER I, Article 7 of Directive 2014/40/EU)

a)    vitamins or other additives that create the impression that a tobacco product has a health benefit or presents reduced health risks;
b)    caffeine or taurine or other additives and stimulant compounds that are associated with energy and vitality;
c)    additives having colouring properties for emissions;
d)    for tobacco products for smoking, additives that facilitate inhalation or nicotine uptake; and
e)    additives that have CMR properties in unburnt form;
f)    flavourings in filters, papers, packages, capsules or any technical features allowing modification of the smell or taste of the tobacco products concerned or their smoke intensity. Filters, papers and capsules shall not contain tobacco or nicotine.

Placing on the market of tobacco products containing additives in quantities that increase the toxic or addictive effect or the CMR properties of a tobacco product at the stage of consumption to a significant or measureable degree is prohibited.

tobacco products means products that can be consumed and consist, even partly, of tobacco, whether genetically modified or not.
smokeless tobacco product means a tobacco product not involving a combustion process, including chewing tobacco, nasal tobacco and tobacco for oral use.
herbal product for smoking means a product based on plants, herbs or fruits which contains no tobacco and that can be consumed via a combustion process.
smokeless tobacco product means a tobacco product not involving a combustion process, including chewing tobacco, nasal tobacco and tobacco for oral use.
electronic cigarette means a product that can be used for consumption of nicotine-containing vapour via a mouth piece, or any component of that product, including a cartridge, a tank and the device without cartridge or tank. Electronic cigarettes can be disposable or refillable by means of a refill container and a tank, or rechargeable with single use cartridges.
ingredient means tobacco, an additive, as well as any substance or element present in a finished tobacco product or related products, including paper, filter, ink, capsules and adhesives.
additive means a substance, other than tobacco, that is added to a tobacco product, a unit packet or to any outside packaging.
flavouring means an additive that imparts smell and/or taste.


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